About Us

Project Thank A Cop is a 501(c)(3) Law Enforcement Officer and First Responder support group that we started on social media during a time when Law Enforcement Officers were finding themselves in a position that made an already difficult job even more challenging. Our purpose is to communicate to Law Enforcement Officers that most citizens wish to express their gratitude to police officers. We do so by sending messages of positivity, snack baskets, catered meals, and tokens of appreciation to precincts and units across various agencies as well as hosting social and community programs. We use a “Grass Roots” approach to fundraising, with a following of over 13,000 members (and growing daily). We are very proud of the fact that money raised goes directly towards our functions and our scholarship fund that was put in place to aid families of fallen officers. Our volunteers mobilize regularly to deliver to the precincts and units, and the small businesses we partner with have been the backbone of our organization’s growth.

Project Thank A Cop is currently operating mostly in the New York City and Long Island areas, but our membership is rapidly growing, and we are expanding our support services to several different cities throughout the U.S. We have programs in place, including our “Kids 4 Kops” program, which addresses the social issues that can affect children in need for various reasons and brings them closer to Law Enforcement Officers in an effort to ease community relations and help inspire kids to strive for a bright future.

We don’t forget about the offices and divisions which most people don’t see every day

We’ve been blessed with the opportunity to work with departments in several states and with different agencies. Since the scope of Law Enforcement work is so broad, our group makes sure that we don’t forget about the offices and divisions which most people don’t see every day such as K-9 units, Antiterrorism, Mounted Units, Emergency Services, Transit, Highway, and many others.

We delivered donated gifts, meals, and specialized goody baskets to many of these units already, and we are always looking for more ways to show our appreciation! With the help of thousands of citizens and hundreds of businesses, we are succeeding in getting the message out to a fine group of people that we support and are thankful for the sacrifices they make to ensure our safety every day.