Maegan is a proud small business owner who has built a successful pet grooming business and has learned the industry from the ground up.  Proud daughter of a retired FDNY Fire Marshall, she was raised in an environment where being a First Responder was something to always look up to and be proud of.  Originally from Baldwin, NY, Maegan has a strong bond with her friends and her First Responder family.

Andy Fox

Andy is a Locomotive Engineer for the Long Island Rail Road.  Originally from Merrick, NY. Andy grew up performing music and in the mid-1990s toured with his band and released an album. Being a person who is always willing to go up in front of an audience, he speaks for the group and enjoys energizing a crowd. Over the years he has organized several fundraisers to benefit Rescue Animals, Veterans, First Responders, and Cancer Support organizations.

Maegan and Andy Fox reside in Wantagh, NY, and are the founding members of Project Thank A Cop.

They are civilians who decided that it was time for a change. Married since 2004, and proud parents of a terrific kid, philanthropy and community service are some of the main characteristics of these two that helped draw them together.